Major Swerve In Play For Shane vs. Undertaker; The Rock's Wrestlemania 32 Role Revealed?

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WWE has various big name cameos in play for Wrestlemania 32 but with the show drawing near, there is still a lot of chaos. The biggest matches for the show still didn’t have finishes as of the latter part of last week and ancillary players had yet to be figured out.

John Cena wants to get involved in The Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon to set up a match with Undertaker at SummerSlam. Vince McMahon prefers to hold off to Undertaker vs. Cena for Wrestlemania 33 next year and is on the fence on whether it would be too early to shoot the angle a year out like that. That’s why John is pushing to do the match later this year at SummerSlam. The situation still has not been resolved. At this point, with Undertaker making so much each year for working so little, he’s been very cooperative and is down for whatever Vince wants.

Vince wants The Rock to referee Triple H vs. Roman Reigns, but it's a very sensitive situation because while Roman is family to him, The Rock's business and management team is very concerned about The Rock getting booed if he helps Roman win the title. The money Rock makes from WWE is peanuts compared to his movie career and while he loves participating when he can, he also does it because his team feels it helps keep the WWE audience emotionally attached to him and more likely to go see his movies. Any benefit he gets from appearing is negated in their eyes if he's booked in a way that turns the audience against him.

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