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Major Update On The Rock At Wrestlemania 33 - Big Tie-In With Fast 8?

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The Rock

There have been some rumors this year about The Rock and Vin Diesel doing something at Wrestlemania 33 following their beef from over the summer. NBCUniversal (which owns Universal Pictures, which owns the Fast & Furious franchise), is really pushing for there to
be synergy in the promotion of Fast 8, especially with it releasing so soon after Wrestlemania 33 (the film releases in the USA on April 14, 2017).

The Rock was the person to first broach the subject with Vince and what's funny is that when he first asked Vince what he thought of maybe getting Diesel involved with Wrestlemania, Vince misunderstood him and thought he meant Kevin Nash and told The Rock he thought Kevin was too old to do something with The Rock at their show of the year.

Anyway, Vince really wants to do The Rock vs. Vin Diesel at Wrestlemania or Rock vs. Brock Lesnar with Vin Diesel as a referee or enforcer. In fact, Vince wants to do The Rock vs. anybody, but Rock really doesn't want to wrestle at the show. He'll be very busy promoting the movie and doesn't think he'll have the time to properly train for a match, not to mention the insurance issues that have hindered him from wrestling in recent years.

So right now everyone involved is trying to figure something out that everybody would be comfortable with. Vince wants a match. Rock would prefer an angle. NBCUniversal is cool with anything that will promote Fast 8. Rock hasn't officially said no to wrestling on the show, but it's going to be January in a few weeks and if The Rock is going to wrestle, promotional materials and marketing is going to have to be sorted out in the next month or so.

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