Major Updates On Cody Rhodes In ROH, Cole & O'Reilly To WWE?

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Cody Rhodes

Update On Cody Signing With ROH

While ROH and Cody Rhodes continue to deny that he's signed with the company, despite signing several weeks ago, word of the signing leaking did cause ROH to alter their booking plans for their recent War of the Worlds pay-per-view. Originally, Cody was going to win the ROH World Championship in the three way main event before the finish was changed to Christopher Daniels retaining. With ROH feeling like Cody winning wouldn't have been as big of a surprise as before, the decision was made to hold off.

Another part of the booking change though was the realization by ROH that they're very thin on top when the New Japan Pro Wrestling stars are not around, especially with the departure of Adam Cole. ROH booker Hunter Johnston felt delaying the title change would buy the company some time as they stretch out the Daniels and Cody program. The two are now scheduled to headline Best in the World this month for the title.

Cole & O'Reilly To WWE?

Right now WWE is very intent on signing both Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly, but with the sensitivity over ROH's allegations of tampering, both have been asked to remain patient while WWE figures out how they want to handle the timing of each signing.

Cole and O'Reilly have both been told to establish themselves as much as possible on the independent circuit to create some plausible deniability for WWE when the time comes to sign them. WWE will obviously be taking the position that they signed available independent talent that were working around the country, if not the world, for various companies on the open market and that nothing would have stopped ROH from pursuing them as free agents during that time just as WWE did.

There is also talk of spreading out the signing of each of them to reduce the appearance of specifically targeting ROH's top talent in a coordinated raid.


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