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Major WWE Turn In The Works But Hangup Remains, WWE/Del Rio Nearing Settlement

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Major WWE Turn in the Works

WWE continues to try and work out a deal to get Randy Orton to work Tuesdays on a regular basis so he can be recurring on Smackdown. They want him going babyface soon to do a program with Seth Rollins, however, with the roster so thin, it'd be difficult to give him the #2 babyface slot without him appearing on Smackdown.

Alberto Del Rio/Update

Alberto Del Rio has been telling promoters that he's free to work anywhere he wants starting next month, including the United States. Some reported recently that Del Rio won a court case against WWE, however, that's not true because there was never a court case.

We're told WWE and Del Rio are quietly working things out privately and a settlement is expected by the end of the month. It's not a done deal yet but Del Rio wants it complete before he heads to Japan.

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