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When To Expect A New Domestic WWE TV Deal Announcement, The Future Of The Company's PPV Business Including Some Providers Refusing To Carry Wrestlemania XXX, Meaningless PPV Buyrates, WWE Network Subscriber Targets, The Complete Weekly Programming Lineup

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- Vince McMahon expects negotiations for WWE's domestic television rights to be completed by the end of April but perhaps a little bit longer. The company's exclusive negotiating period with NBCUniversal has ended and they are out in the marketplace, accepting bids from all interested parties. WWE's main goal is to significantly increase the amount of money they make each year in domestic TV licensing fees. We can confirm they are still talking with NBCU.

- Most of the satellite and cable companies that currently carry WWE pay-per-views have agreed to carry Wrestlemania XXX in April. However, the shows will then be evaluated on a show-by-show basis each month. We don't have a list of providers that have agreed to carry Wrestlemania but the word from WWE is that 85% of households will be covered if they want to order the show traditionally. One note to make here is there are providers refusing to carry the show with the launch of the WWE Network.

- There isn't a lot of attention being paid to the disastrous buyrates of WWE Battleground and Survivor Series respectively. This is because after Elimination Chamber, the company's model will completely change with the launch of the WWE Network. Individual pay-per-view buys will no longer be a good indicator of a show's success, considering the company is using their live pay-per-views as the focal point of the WWE Network.

- WWE does not have a target number of WWE Network subscribers by Wrestlemania XXX in April, however, they're hoping to have 1 million subscribers by the end of the year. If they reach that, they will consider the launch to be a success.

- Below is the weekly programming lineup for the upcoming WWE Network. All shows will have premiered by March 6, 2014. This schedule does not include live pay-per-views and special airings (such as the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony) but is the live programming that will air each week:


11:00 AM ET - This is NXT (starting February 24)
7:30 PM ET - Raw Pre-Show
11:05 PM ET - WWE Raw Backstage Pass


9:00 PM ET - Wrestlemania Rewind (starting February 25)
10:00 PM ET - WWE Countdown (starting February 25)


9:00 PM ET - Best of Raw (starting on a special day/time on February 28 at 4:30 PM ET)


8:00 PM ET - WWE Legends' House (starting April 10)
9:00 PM ET - WWE NXT (starting March 6)
10:00 PM ET - WWE Superstars (starting February 27)


7:30 PM ET - Friday Night Smackdown Pre-Show
10:00 PM ET - WWE Smackdown Backstage Pass


1:00 PM ET - Best of Smackdown (starting March 1)
8:00 PM ET - Beyond the Ring (starting March 1)

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