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Mark Henry Says There Is A Chance He Won't Come Back To WWE - Why He's Threatening Retirement, The Full Story Regarding His Health & Why He Angrily Shot Back At Our Report Regarding Medical Clearance

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We reported exclusively here on Premium on November 26, 2012 that Mark Henry was officially cleared to return to the ring and mentioned a creative plan that came up (which obviously was changed). Last Sunday, we noted here on that Henry was cleared to return and it could happen at any moment.

This prompted a response from The World's Strongest Man where he went on Twitter to deny he was cleared to return. The response drew a firestorm as we received contact from all parties involved over the article with the NEWZ sites even giving their account of the situation. One popular "story" stated Henry denied a "report elsewhere" but later removed the Tweet. While he certainly denied our report, he didn't delete the Tweet. The ultimate question is, if Henry isn't cleared to compete and it was simply an account of false information, why all the fuss? This is because there is more to the story.

We're told Henry "definitely" has clearance from WWE doctors to return but doesn't want to come back unless he's happy with the booking plans. He has a personal doctor that says he's not ready and he's using that for leverage. If he's coming back in a top spot, he'll suddenly be ready, but otherwise, he's threatening retirement.

In Henry's response to our report he claimed was false, he chose his wording very carefully. Let's take a look:

It's true there is a chance that Henry won't come back [to WWE] but that's by his own choosing. When Henry says he hasn't been cleared, he means from his doctor. WWE is ready for him to come back but until Mark knows exactly what the plan is and is happy with the plan, he isn't committing to anything.

I spoke with another source within the company that commented how Henry spent more than a decade collecting his downside and going along with creative plans but following his sole World Heavyweight Championship reign last year, he decides he will take nothing less than a prominent spot on the roster.

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