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Massive Backstage News About The WWE Championship Picture At SummerSlam

Cena Nakamura

WWE brought in Great Khali at Battleground not only to give a surprise finish, but also to use Khali in a tag match at Summerslam. This was not suppose to be a one and done. Khali, however, was not at the time medically cleared to take any bumps or to be in a full tag match, which was originally scheduled to be Orton and a partner vs. Mahal and Khali. Cena vs. Nakamura was originally going to be a #1 contenders match at SummerSlam, but instead it was moved forward to Smackdown since the tag match had to be nixed.

At the time of booking they were not 100% sure whether they wanted Cena or Nakamura to win. Early in the weekend WWE officials and Cena got word for when the filming was to begin on the Transformers: Bumblebee spin off. Cena is not the lead, but he does have a lead role. The choice was then finalized that Nakamura would be challenging for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam.

The plan as of Tuesday morning before Smackdown was for Baron Corbin to interfere and accidentally give the win to Shinsuke. This plan was obviously scrapped. Vince and brass got together around 6 pm and thought Nakamura going over clean was the correct call and went with that finish.

At this point it looks like Cena vs. Corbin at Summerslam, however things get even more tricky here. WWE has invested much time and efforts into the Corbin push and it simply is not working out. They are definitely not pulling the plug on Corbin, but at this point they are at least considering having him lose when he cashes in and not win the championship. This would lead to him taking on an even more aggressive character, which they're hoping would send him further into the main event picture.

Nothing is set at this point, however, there has been talk that Nakamura would go over Jinder at SummerSlam and Corbin would cash in on Nakamura only to lose, putting Nakumura over strong. The few caveats to this is that Jinder was originally planned to hold the WWE Championship all the way to the Royal Rumble. With Jinder's supporters not as strong as they once were and WWE feeling like they did everything they could to build the India market with Khali, they may be set to move on from it.

As much as WWE loves that they have built up the US Title, they all know their top heel is Kevin Owens and that they need to move to the direction of having AJ and Nakumura being their #1 and #2 babyfaces on the show with Cena again limiting his schedule and fans being burnt out on Randy Orton at this point.

If we do not see another Superstar Shake-up after SummerSlam, which has been rumored since the spring, look for a directive to be made to have the changes moving forward on the show.

Vince is very happy with the ratings Smackdown has had and the booking of the show, but also feels the ratings could be even better, and with football season upon us, they will need the Tuesday show to really be neck and neck with Raw's ratings or possibly better without the competition from NFL.

Zack Reacts: There are a ton of things to react to here, but I want to keep it on the one thing that sticks out to me the most. Corbin cashing in only to lose and "become more aggressive" is a major mistake. If I remember correctly this was going to be the plan when it was decided Damien Sandow would lose when he cashed in and look how well that turned out. WWE needs to have come confidence in their own booking decisions. If they can put the WWE Championship on Jinder Mahal, a career jobber up until he won the title, for nearly 5 months, they can put the title on Corbin for at least a few weeks. The problem is, in WWE, hesitation is death. If they're afraid to pull the trigger the fans will feel that and it doesn't end well. WWE has hesitated to pull the trigger on Bray Wyatt several times, and I'll be damned if it hasn't affected his career. Same with Rusev, Sandow like I mentioned, Wade Barrett, and many other superstars. When WWE is hesitant it KILLS.

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