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Massive Backstage News On Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles Status Heading Into WrestleMania

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Daniel Bryan

--With the massive speculation over the weekend in regards to Daniel Bryan and a potential in-ring return, we are able to shed some more light on this and details.

Is it true that WWE has changed they Kevin Owen, Sami Zayn, and Shane McMahon match at Wrestlemania? Yes and no. If you have been reading WNW premium over the last few months the original plan was to be a tag team match at Wrestlemania between Shane and a mystery partner vs. Sami and Kevin Owens. While the original partner for Shane we can confirm has fallen through and will not happen, the plan is still a tag match.

Where does Daniel Bryan fit in and what is the update? Well, Daniel Bryan did a press interview over the weekend which lead to speculation he might be cleared to compete. Bryan, who generally has positioned himself in great ways, continued to lobby for himself for a return stating, "I was cleared by every doctor, and I think there is a chance." Bryan also understands that keeping fans in his corner and pushing for his return will not only help his star power but help put pressure on WWE.

Where does that leave us? WWE has cleared Daniel Bryan for physical contact, but WWE has not cleared Daniel Bryan to return to wrestling full time. WWE's idea of a "smoke and mirror" match in which Bryan does not bump is something that Bryan does not want to do. He has been adamant that he won't be used as a draw for a match if he doesn't get to compete. WWE would get what they wanted, but Bryan wouldn't get what he wanted; a return to wrestling. In addition to this, Bryan will not sign any part of a new contract with WWE that does not give him 100% assurance of a full-time in-ring return. While WWE would like to have him at WrestleMania, they will not go out of there way to get Bryan anymore over than he already is, only to leave at the end of the summer. The long-term play here on both sides is a simultaneous medical clearing and WWE letting him return full-time and signing a new deal. Besides the Mania one-off match of smoke and mirrors, it would make little sense for WWE to clear him without a new deal in place. While this situation is ever ongoing, it will come to an end the next few weeks due to the fact that if Bryan does not return to the ring before WrestleMania many do not feel he will be cleared by WWE prior to his departure later this year. This situation, however, gets even more tricky with our next story and there is a tie at the end.

--AJ Styles shot an injury angle at a WWE house show on Friday evening, this was done due to the fact of a real-life injury. Saturday at WWE house shows, the crowd was told AJ would not be there and they offered refunds. AJ Styles was seen by WWE doctors today backstage at RAW and he will see a specialist tomorrow afternoon. Apparently, the minor injury was worse than originally expected. There is already major concern with WrestleMania three weeks away. The concern is, being so close to WrestleMania if this injury is anywhere near serious it could take him out of WrestleMania. The major issue is the timing. They have to decide fast if they want to pull the title off AJ and put someone in his place. If they wait and he does need to miss WrestleMania, they would have a very, very short window to build the WWE Championship match. WWE is already looking at a contingency plan if that is the case. The fact that WWE is already thinking of a backup plan should tell you, however, there is a real concern. WWE feels they can always move Finn or Rollins out of the triple threat and over to Smackdown, however, if WWE is considering clearing Bryan and it is a possibility what bigger match could you get then Bryan and Nakamura. His name was not brought up as a backup plan at this time, however, I'm sure if AJ cannot go then someone will bring up the idea in the next 48 hours.

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