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Massive Premium Post: How Long Cena Will Be Out, WWE's Interest In Kelly Kelly, Who Is Responsible For Goldberg's Promos And More!

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John Cena WWE Champion

We have heard The Crash promotion down in Mexico is trying to set up a working relationship with a group in the United States and is hoping for a talent exchange as well as splitting costs on the booking of bigger names. Konnan contacted a few promotions in California, including Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, but PWG wasn't interested. There is a smaller group in the area, PCW, that Konnan is currently in talks with.

There was some big controversy with EVOLVE in San Antonio during the Royal Rumble that WWE is extremely unhappy about. They sign a lot of guys out of EVOLVE and WWE recently found out that several EVOLVE wrestlers were thrown out of their hotel during Royal Rumble weekend because they were caught smoking marijuana in the hotel. While WWE is not as harsh as they used to be when it comes to marijuana use, getting caught smoking in your hotel is considered a huge no no and with WWE constantly monitoring the talent in EVOLVE, they were pretty ticked off when they heard about the incident.

More news on WWE and Drew Galloway. WWE is definitely interested, but nothing is considered imminent. Drew still has a sour taste in his mouth from his last WWE run and really enjoys his freedom. Drew isn't willing to come back for less than serious money and WWE right now has been preferring to stock up on cheaper guys and see who pans out. Drew joins other names like Cody Rhodes and Ryback who would rather work outside of WWE to build their name and their personal brand.

Coming out of the recent WWE tryout, one kid WWE was very impressed by was Sammy Guevara. He's still in his early 20s and they want him to get some more experience, but of the younger guys at the tryout, he was considered to be the one with the most upside.

NXT striking coach and former MMA fighter Seth Petruzelli, who recently began working independent wrestling shows in Florida and has looked impressive, may be hanging up the boots soon. While WWE wasn't interested in having him wrestle due to his age, he was starting to take more independent bookings and had been reaching out to US and international promotions. However, he's recently told friends that due injuries from his lengthy MMA career, his doctors are advising him to cease wrestling immediately and his pro wrestling career may be over just as it's beginning.

WWE is looking to expand the Women's Division and they are active in talks with former WWE talent Barbie Blank better known as Kelly Kelly. She was backstage at Raw on Monday. This particular potential signing goes a little deeper for a couple of reasons. There are talks for Kelly Kelly to potentially be the next star of a new season of Total Divas as her other reality show that she stars in 'Wags', will no longer interfere. Remember Vince was very high up on Kelly Kelly back in the day.

Jimmy Jacobs and Paul Heyman are not only writing all of Goldberg's promos but Jacobs also played a large hand in the Jericho/Owens break up segment on Raw.

Donavan Dijak, who might as well be under a WWE contract but can't sign for 45 more days, is headed to EVOLVE.

As we reported Cena will be off for a while after WrestleMania 33. The word going around is that between the movie shoot and another project WWE does not expect to see Cena back until late summer. While they should use a monster heel to write him off, we're not hearing that is happening. The original plan was for Samoa Joe to take out Cena, but those plans were scrapped when Joe was brought to Raw instead of Smackdown.

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