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McMahon Still Upset At Reigns, Debate In WWE Over How To Handle Lesnar, Backstage Raw News

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Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

- The Rollins Report segment was obviously a rib directed at Roman Reigns and while it was used to promote the triple threat at WWE Battleground later this month, there’s more to the story. Vince McMahon is still upset with Reigns over his WWE Wellness violation and directed this segment at him. As I’ve reported on a number of occasions, Roman’s failure came at a time when Vince’s support for Reigns as “the guy” had begun to dwindle.

- Not having Brock Lesnar on Raw was seen as a missed opportunity but it just ended up not being possible. Brock had prior commitments and the logistics could not be worked out. There are two sides to this as one side felt they should pull out all the stops to hype Brock’s win this week, while others wanted to wait until closer to SummerSlam. The argument from side to side has to do with how much memory the audience will have of Brock going over Mark Hunt. They did, as we reported yesterday, show images from the fight live on Raw.

- Sasha Banks vs. Dana Brooke ended up taking place in the “death spot” on the show and no one is blaming Banks for how it turned out. Dana is still considered very green.

- The Raw script wasn’t re-written but there placements of segments that were shuffled just after 6 PM.

- While many of the moves for Raw and Smackdown have been made, neither roster has been finalized. That includes uncertainty over how they plan to introduce the second world title. One thing is clear though and that is there will be two world titles, as evidenced by the WWE Championship returning to that name.

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