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Vince McMahon & HHH Disagree Over Finn Balor, Reason He’s Replaced Roman Reigns, Future Of King Demon

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Finn Balor & Roman Reigns

We’ve already reported there is criticism within WWE about the company going to Finn Balor’sDemon King persona too early but noted how Vince McMahon was determined to get it on the main roster as soon as possible. We’re told this has been yet another major topic of contention between Vince and Triple H. Hunter wanted to save it for Wrestlemania 33 but Vince was panicking over whether Finn was going to have enough steam heading into the Universal Championship match at SummerSlam and made the call to go that direction right away.

Finn Balor has been a Triple H project since day one and even though Hunter did want to give him a strong push, he still wanted to hold back a bit on him and give him room to grow. Vince on the other hand had the knee-jerk reaction when he got fed up with Roman Reigns and decided to just go full force with Finn.

Vince is getting a little frustrated by Hunter's objections because Vince feels like he's pushing “Hunter’s guy,” so he shouldn’t be complaining. But there is considerable backstage resistance about WWE using The King Demon stuff too early to the point where it feels rushed and “out of nowhere.”

Another element in all of this is Vince is so anal about names and he’s worried about Demon Kane sounding too similar to The Demon King. He’s actually gone back and forth about whether he wants the announcers to cease referring to Kane as “Demon Kane,” as some of the references to it have been removed from the official WWE website (although not all of them). Vince has changed his mind at least three times already on whether or not to phase out the phrase Demon Kane.

Finally, separate from The Demon King stuff, we are able to confirm the Wellness policy violation of Roman Reigns is what made Vince decide to scale back his push. This program against Rusev is being used as an opportunity for the crowd to get behind Reigns and for Roman to prove himself. He’s going to have to work his way back up the ladder, especially now that Balor is primed to take his place.

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