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Vince McMahon In The Process Of Overhauling Popular Midcarder's Character, Preparing Them For Major Push On WWE Television - Who It Is & Why Pushing Them Has Become A Priority

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R-Truth is back after suffering a lacerated knee at WWE TLC in December. As you may have noticed, WWE has not been referencing Little Jimmy upon his return.

We're told this was Vince McMahon's call as he felt the Little Jimmy bit was silly and he wanted Truth to have a more serious tone from now on. One observer wonders why it took Vince so long to figure this out. However, this all part of a bigger plan.

Vince is said to be "comfortable" with Alberto Del Rio as the top Latino star and has shifted his attention to solidifying a top African American star. There had been a lot of internal debate as to whether it should be Truth or Kofi Kingston. Given Kofi's recent heat, Vince ultimately decided Truth has a better chance of getting over at the top level. In the past, Vince has always sided with R-Truth over Kofi in similar situations.

A top African American star isn't something Vince has remained consistent on. He's made it a priority before but usually loses interest. With Truth just coming back, it's once again something Vince is pushing for Truth wanted to keep the Little Jimmy bit but is considered easy to work with and didn't make an issue of it when Vince wanted it dropped.

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