MMA Stars Possibly Coming To Raw, More Celebrity Appearances?

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Triple H made headlines last weekend after publicly inviting Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor to appear on a future episode of Monday Night Raw to promote their August 26 pay-per-view boxing match. Triple H has reached out to Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe as well as UFC President Dana White to gauge the viability of having one or both of the athletes appear on Raw before their fight.

While Triple H wasn't given a definitive no by either side, the timing of an appearance would be very difficult. Most of the Raw broadcasts the rest of the Summer will be emanating from the east coast. Getting one or both fighters to break camp to make an appearance will be tricky and chances are the fighters won't want to. Also, if one fighter refuses to make the trip, typically the other will feel as though they're giving their opponent a training advantage if they break camp and lose a day of training when their opponent isn't doing the same.

Triple H also pitched the idea of sending WWE cameras to the training camps of the fighters so they could film prerecorded comments to be aired on Monday Night Raw in the event that the fighters are unable to appear in person. Thus far, nothing has been agreed to, but Triple H is trying to be as accommodating as possible as he realizes the ratings boost that would accompany an appearance from Mayweather and McGregor.

Part of this also ties in with a recent directive from Vince McMahon to reach out to more celebrities about appearing on Raw and SmackDown as a knee jerk reaction to the recent lagging ratings. Which is why the company contacted media sensation LaVar Ball, the outspoken father of recent LA Lakers draft pick Lonzo Ball. There has also been talk of bringing back the frequent use of Raw celebrity guest hosts, which was common in 2009 and 2010.


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