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Where There Are Problems With Morale Inside WWE, Mass Roster Additions, Backstage Complaints About Controversial WWE Name Reach Triple H; What He's Doing To Evaluate The Problem & Who It Involves

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Triple H

While WWE is still hoping to sign 30-40 more guys in the next couple of months, a lot of workers currently in developmental aren't happy. We're told many of the more experienced workers feel they aren't learning anything and are just doing the same drills day after day, week after week.

The complaints have gotten loud enough that Triple H has decided to pay a little more attention to what's going on. Normally Hunter flies in for the NXT tapings and right back out afterwards, however, he stayed the night on Thursday to spend Friday at the WWE Performance Center. We're told he was there as of early Friday afternoon and everyone was on their "best behavior."

A lot of the complaints deal directly with head NXT trainer Bill DeMott, but complaints against him are fairly common. However, no one really wants to step up and complain directly to Triple H but he actually heard through the grapevine that morale was low enough that he needed to see what was going on. We're told Hunter re-arranged his week to spend the day at the developmental complex to get more of a handle on the issue.

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