More Details On Brock Lesnar's Meeting With Dana White Regarding A UFC "Return" Last Saturday; Why The Meeting Wasn't Completely Bogus & There Was A Slim Chance That He Would Take Another Fight With WWE's Blessing, What Paul Heyman Pitched To Vince McMaho

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I'm told Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman actually presented Dana White with a list of guys Brock was willing to fight for a possible UFC return last Saturday night in Las Vegas but they were all nobodies. Once Dana looked a list, he got upset and felt like the meeting was bogus.

Heyman assured Vince McMahon that Dana would never go for any of the fights they were proposing because, as I reported yesterday, Vince just wanted a meeting to take place so reports would surface that Brock was returning to UFC to sell the angle that he "quit" WWE. Vince was concerned about Brock taking a fight and losing, thus killing his value.

Therefore Heyman came up with a list of guys UFC would never agree too or even if they did, Brock would easily handle. So the meeting was not completely bogus in the sense that Brock would have taken a fight with WWE's blessing if it was against a no-hoper but WWE and Heyman knew Dana would never go for it and just wanted word of the meeting to leak.

Dana was under the impression WWE was willing to let Brock do one fight to sell the angle of him quitting WWE. However, it's believe Dana knows he got worked. Brock didn't want to totally burn bridges with UFC so WWE was OK with the very small chance of him taking a fight just in case Dana bit.

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