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More Drama In WWE Land Over Shane McMahon's Return, Drama Between Triple H & Vince McMahon

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Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon & Triple H

Expanding on our coverage regarding Triple H’s reaction to the return of Shane McMahon, he was 100% against it. Even though Vince McMahon is claiming that Shane is just back for a short-term angle with him being nothing more than on-air talent, this business has a funny history of angles turning into shoots and Hunter doesn’t want Shane in the picture in any way.

Vince views Shane as great leverage. Vince and Triple H/Stephanie McMahon have clashed many times in recent years and Vince has felt that Hunter/Stephanie have taken it for granted they are guaranteed to takeover at some point and Vince hasn’t always felt like he’s received the proper respect and deference. Even the illusion of Shane potentially returning to get more involved helps put Triple H and Stephanie in their place.

Vince still views WWE as “his ship” and does not consider it automatic that Triple H one day becomes chairman.

A lot of the friction between Hunter and Vince has to do with NXT, with Triple H trying to grow the brand has much as possible, with Vince not wanting the company to lose sight of NXT’s primary purpose - develop talent for the main roster.

There are other issues as well and the booking of Wrestlemania 32 has been part of it.

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