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More On A Former WWE Star That Wants To Return But Why Vince McMahon Won't Re-Sign Them Unless They Agree To A Multiyear Contract, Details On A Diva WWE Has No Interest In, The Message Vince Is Trying To Send After Caving To CM Punk's Demands

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To follow-up on our earlier report about John Morrison inquiring about a potential WWE return, we're told he would have been willing to sign on for a year (while he only wanted 6 months) but Vince McMahon wasn't willing to go any lower than a two year deal.

I'm told Vince is "going out of his way" to try and educate the locker room that he's still the boss as he feels caving to the many demands of CM Punk has caused more guys to try and "play hardball." The thinking is because of this, demands are being made now that would have never been made in the past because guys would have been too scared to even try it.

Back to Morrison, one of the reasons he's interested in returning is that he and Melina appear to be on the outs and if they split, he's more comfortable with the idea of going back to WWE. I'm told WWE has no interest in Melina at this point and Morrison has been reluctant to return without her. If they split, that's obviously no longer an issue.

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