More On CM Punk's Condition At Raw, Why John Cena Went Over Clean, What You Can Expect In Cena vs. The Rock II

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Richard's Backstage Blog

We noted earlier that CM Punk worked this week's WWE Raw while battling through an illness.

We're told he had a stomach virus and he didn't like the way his promo came across. Punk felt the promo didn't come off as clean as he wanted and cited the fact that he felt like crap. The illness did cause Punk to get tired quicker than normal but he was so into the match, he was able to prevent his condition from hurting the match's quality.

The reason John Cena went over Punk clean was to build Cena back up for his Wrestlemania 29 main event against The Rock. The fact of the matter is there isn't anyone else on the roster Cena could have beaten to give him the momentum needed for his Wrestlemania program.

Look for the writing team to underscore Cena's redemption as a promotional aspect of his WWE title match against The Rock.

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