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More On One Of The Ugliest Stories Of The Year - Are There Other Sex Tapes Of Hulk Hogan Having Sex With Bubba The Love Sponge's Wife?, What Hogan Knew & Didn't Know, Why Bubba Is OK With The Whole Ordeal & Details On Why Hogan Has To "Tread Carefully"

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I'm not comfortable covering this story and I kept it off the site as long as possible. However, my sources worked hard to bring us the full details behind it and I know some of you are interested. With that being said, I made the call to run it. If you do not care please skip over this one.

In the week leading up to TNA Bound for Glory, Hulk Hogan's media tour turned into a stage where more time was spent addressing a sex tape that leaked out rather than promoting the pay-per-view. We've been gathering information along the way and here's what we've been able to find out:

  • Hogan did not know he was being taped at the time but had known for awhile the tape existed.
  • We're told this is not the only time Hogan had sex with Bubba the Love Sponge's wife and it's not the only time Bubba and Heather (his wife) had secretly taped Hogan having sex with her.
  • Hogan knew Bubba and Heather were swingers but didn't know Bubba liked to watch videos of other men having sex with his wife.

While most people would expect Hogan to be "at odds" with Bubba over the ordeal, we're told he has to "tread carefully" because Bubba has several other tapes of Hogan having sex with Heather. Not only does Hogan not want them to leak, he doesn't want anyone to know they exist as he's trying to portray his relationship with Heather as a one time thing.

Further, Hogan is painting it as something that happened a long time ago and was a "one time thing" when the truth is it was an ongoing intimate relationship and Bubba was OK with it because, unbeknownst to Hogan, he and Heather were watching the tapes after they were filmed.

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