New Details Emerge On WWE 2K18 Plans For Nintendo Switch

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WWE 2K18 Seth Rollins

Pre-orders have begun for 2K Sports' WWE 2K18 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with the deluxe versions launching October 13 and the standard editions released four days later on October 17. WWE 2K18 for Nintendo Switch is still yet to be officially announced, leading to speculation that the title will not be releasing on Nintendo's new platform.

However, 2K Sports still plans to release WWE 2K18 for Nintendo Switch, just not day and date with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 iterations in October. The WWE 2K engine has already appeared numerous times on Xbox One and PS4, so the Nintendo Switch version is taking longer to complete.

The plan right now is to release WWE 2K18 for Nintendo Switch in December or January, although if there are further delays, the project could be scrapped all together, with a decision then having to be made as to whether WWE 2K19 would still release for Switch. With Switch doubling as both a home console and a portable handheld device, 2K Sports is hopeful that by launching WWE 2K18 on Xbox One and PS4 months ahead of the game releasing for Switch, many customers will "double dip" and buy the game initially for Xbox One and PS4, only to then buy the game again for Switch so they can play it when they leave the house.

There was internal discussion about utilizing a similar strategy with their NBA 2K franchise, but the decision was ultimately made to release NBA 2K18 on all platforms at the same time. Although NBA 2K does outsell WWE 2K by nearly a 3 to 1 margin, WWE's fans are considered more fanatical and 2K's metrics show that a WWE 2K customer is more likely than a NBA 2K customer to spend money on additional content and micro transactions. Based on that fact, 2K Sports believes wrestling fans would be more likely to re-buy the game months later to be able to play a portable version than basketball fans would be.


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