New Details Revealed On Who Almost Joined Impact Wrestling's Creative Team

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Impact Wrestling ring

Jeff Hardy appeared on a recent episode of Chris Jericho's podcast and admitted publicly that had Smashing Pumpkins main man Billy Corgan ended up as owner of IMPACT Wrestling, the Hardy Boyz would probably have re-signed with IMPACT.

While that is true and both Hardys were upset about Corgan not winding up with control of the company, the Hardys still tried to work out a deal to stay with IMPACT, under certain conditions.

IMPACT's offer to the Hardys was fairly competitive in terms of compensation, but the Hardys were very concerned about how they were going to be booked without Corgan's involvement as well as how much creative power the Hardys would have under a new regime while having had essentially creative control before the sale.

In the end, the Hardys were willing to stay with IMPACT if IMPACT was willing to give the Hardys an official role as the heads of the creative department. Feeling like it was their ideas and angles that had rejuvenated IMPACT and helped make a sale possible to begin with, the Hardys wanted to be put officially in charge of creative in order for them to stay.

IMPACT was unwilling to give in to the demand, feeling the Hardys would still stay as the schedule they were offering was far less intensive than the WWE schedule. The Hardys held to their guns though and signed with WWE just like they told IMPACT they would do if they weren't given the reigns to creative.

Fast forward to today - the Hardys have continued their legal battle over the intellectual property of the "Broken" gimmick, which we all know has been a complete mess. There's still no definitive update yet on when the gimmick will make its way to WWE TV.


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