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News On Adam Cole and Ring of Honor

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Adam Cole

-With Adam Cole dropping the ROH title last night speculation continues on his likely departure to WWE. Cole's contract is not officially up until March 31st and with the recent usage of the wait times after a Ring of Honor deal has expired it is possible when/if Cole is WWE bound we may not see him there until May. However, we also can't count him out showing up in NXT on April 1st. From all accounts, I have heard he is headed to NXT and is not resigning with Ring of Honor.

-The Hardys continued the Gold Rush as the stole the Young Bucks Superkick titles in an absolutely insane match that saw thumbtacks, tables, and ladders.

-Marty Scurll continues his TV title dominance in ROH and he will be pushed as a main eventer sooner than later.

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