News On WWE 2K18 Developments, WWE Returning To Nintendo?

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Speculation about the WWE 2K18 video game ramped up this week due to the E3 video game conference as well as a leaked report about the title appearing on the new Nintendo Switch console, which would mark WWE's return to a Nintendo platform for the first time in many years.

The more versions of the game there are, there more work there is to be done and certain aspects of the development schedule have been pushed back slightly to accommodate the additional work load. 2K Sports usually likes to have all of the motion capturing done by June, but an additional mocap session has been added the second week of July.

As usual, several current and former WWE, IMPACT and ROH stars will be brought in to do the motion capture work, and finding dates that fit everyone's schedule is not always easy, but the second Monday of July will be the final session. September begins the mocap sessions for WWE 2K19, so it ends up being nearly a year long process of capturing the most recently innovating moves each year.

Additionally, Seth Rollins is indeed expected to be featured on the cover of 2K18, and will be appearing on ESPN Monday morning to confirm. As for the #BLN1 teasers on WWE's social media pages, those are in regards to the game as well in some capacity. (No, The Undertaker is not returning on Raw.)


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