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Three Discussed Outcomes For John Cena vs. The Rock At Wrestlemania 29 - Who Goes Over, What Happens Next, Finally An Outcome That Should Appease Critics, Why There Could Be A Shocking Change Of Direction

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Richard's Backstage Blog

While it's long been considered a foregone conclusion that John Cena would be getting his win back at Wrestlemania 29 against The Rock this year, there were ideas pitched last week in other directions. While we usually don't post a lot of details about creative going back and forth, I felt this was an exception. Especially in light of my video from Sunday where I questioned the lineup for this year's show.

One of the ideas that really caught our attention was that Cena would go under to The Rock and the loss would start to plant the seeds for a Cena heel turn. The premise would be Cena couldn't handle failing to gain his redemption and would end up "snapping." Another idea actually involves him turning heel during the match itself, possibly with help from The Shield (which he would then become the leader of). In that scenario, Cena would then face The Rock again in May at Extreme Rules and beat The Rock again.

However, before anyone gets their hopes up, the ideas have been all over the place. We're told from a high-ranking source when The Rock first agreed to work Extreme Rules (which doesn't seem to be 100% at this point) the plan at the time was for Cena to win at Wrestlemania, maintain his status as a babyface, earn The Rock's respect, and then it would be Cena and The Rock in some sort of tag match taking on The Shield at Extreme Rules.

Richard Reacts: By my count that's three discussed outcomes, with two that many would probably see as desirable. Cena aligning with The Shield would be reminiscent of Hulk Hogan aligning with the new World order. Whether or not WWE moves forward with either plan is a different story but at the very least I'm optimistic that these discussions are actually taking place.

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