Why Paige Didn't Have Heat After Mistakes On Raw, Details On Her Title Reign Being Extended Due To AJ Lee's Absence, Was Vince McMahon Happy She Froze On Live TV?

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We reported last week about Paige being critiqued after her mistakes on Raw, which followed numerous reports of WWE officials being less than impressed with her work.

We're told Vince McMahon feels she's "been a dud." One of the reasons she didn't have heat last week is Vince already decided she was "too green," so there wasn't much she could do to get heat since the WWE boss had already soured on her. When she froze on live TV, instead of Vince getting upset, we're told he "almost seemed happy" that he was being proven right by her mistakes.

According to our source, Vince is happy to finally have AJ Lee back and the Paige experiment didn't work. Vince realized it for a while but wanted AJ to be the one to beat her, so Paige's title run was extended until AJ returned to the company.

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