More On Panic Over Raw's Low Ratings, What Vince Is Doing About It, Big Returns Coming?, Cena's Upcoming Time Off

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Vince McMahon is trying to get more dates on some of WWE’s biggest name part-timers. The ratings for Raw continue to slide and WWE is basically in denial about the causes. Most feel that fundamentally, a three hour show just doesn’t work at it’s created a domino effect that has resulted in malaise among the audience. The length of Raw has essentially become the giant elephant in the room and the hourly viewing patterns usually tell the story.

Before you know it, Smackdown will be on the USA Network as well (next year) and there will be serious pressure from the network to make it must-see TV. At that point WWE will have five hours of top tier programming they have to fill without viewers getting bored and tuning out.

Regardless, there have been talks with Brock Lesnar about getting more dates and WWE continues to talk to The Undertaker about adding more dates as well. Both have been agreeable to adding dates as they're being paid head and shoulders above what anybody else makes per date, including John Cena. Also, with Cena about to take a long break, Vince is in panic mode about making sure Raw ratings don't slide even further.

Vince has also reached out to The Rock about trying to get him back on TV as soon as possible, even if just for a small handful of appearances to spark interest.

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