How The Controversial Paul Bearer Angle From Raw Was Received Backstage, What Has Vince McMahon Thinking Twice About The Booking Of John Cena, Wrestlemania Opener, Pay-Per-View Shocker?

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- We're told everyone backstage loved the way the CM Punk angle played out on this week's WWE Raw and it was well received, despite the controversy and criticism it received online. The real question that came up was what would the storyline and heat around it been built around had it not been for the tragic passing of Paul Bearer. No one had a good answer.

- Vince McMahon seemed more open to a John Cena heel turn than he has before based on the disappointing reaction his promo received on this week's Raw. While everyone is used to the mixed reaction, the "boring" chants caused concern.

- The talk on Monday was for Chris Jericho vs. Fandango to open the Wrestlemania 29 pay-per-view broadcast. Things like this often change but if it holds true, Fandango will be in an even bigger high-pressure situation.

- There was a meeting with the writers and producers after this week's WWE TV tapings about the pay-per-view on Sunday but we didn't hear what was discussed. Some were talking about a "shocker," but we were told it's probably nothing to get excited about.

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