Possible Next Big Project for Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar

We're hearing that Brock Lesnar is being talked about heavily for the next Rocky movie as a relative of Ivan Drago. It's actually Sylvester Stallone who suggested Lesnar for the role and pushed hard for him to fill it. The problem is that Stallone was originally an executive producer, but isn't any longer. That means he loses a good bit of leverage for who should be hired and who shouldn't. That doesn't mean Lesnar won't still get the role, but he doesn't have a guaranteed spot in the movie. The Lesnar camp is very interested in the role for Brock, it's a big pay day and movies are much easier work than wrestling or fighting. Vince McMahon is also very interested in this for Brock. Vince knows that if Lesnar gets this role it will bring a lot of eyes over to WWE. Free press is always something Vince will take over, especially such a large amount like this one. Remember that Hulk Hogan was in Rocky 3 and it gave WWE a great boost at the time. This could be huge for Lesnar and WWE. If he manages to land the role, expect it to affect his booking in WWE.

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