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Premium News: Big Show's Big Bump, Jeff Hardy, WWE Planning To Restock NXT

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Big Show

-WWE worked to make sure the cage was gimmicked for Big Show's bump. Big Show may be done if not for awhile all together as many in the locker room felt it may be his last horrah.

-Jeff Hardy was walking gingerly backstage after his match last week, however, this is nothing really new the Hardys both were pretty banged up when they signed in April and have not had a lot of time off to heal their bodies.

-WWE has posted an article and a video setting up UFC's 4 horse women and WWE's 4 horse women. Rhoda has been training to wrestle and it would not shock me if other have taken some time to do so as well. WWE is planning to run this match at Survivor Series as a 4 on 4 match up.

-Dijack has wrapped up his Indy dates and is now headed to NXT, there is talk of adding him to the Cole group as their heavy and eventually turning on Cole. WWE is really restocking NXT, however, it does not stop here.

-Ricochet's US Lucha Underground deal expires 90 days after the final episode airs which should put him free to sign with WWE at the end of the year. He has told many that is his plan and WWE has wanted him for a long time as well. I would say this is as locked and loaded as Cole's deal was prior to him signing as it was only a matter of time. For those wondering he has no long-term contract with NJPW either.

-Oh wait there is more! Marty Scurll's deal with ROH and NJPW was up on Sep 1st, I am told he has not signed a long term deal with either company at this point and like we reported in late July, WWE's interest in Marty is huge. Thomas's thought is Marty will resign a short term deal with ROH, NJPW maybe another 90 day and then WWE will go hard after him towards the end of the year.

-WWE had a awful house show turn out over the weekend.

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