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Thomas Fenton Reports:

-Backstage at RAW this week, it seemed to be even more disorganized than the last few weeks with many many changes after Raw went on the air. Over the last few weeks, Vince has made a directive to try to hold fans attention throughout all 3 hours of RAW. When the Hardcore Title idea was brought up Vince liked the idea and thought it could also be used to get out of the Wildcard rule when it comes to other talent coming on a show. It will also give a spot to talent on other brands to better their future on Mondays or Fridays in the fall. As of late, WWE and Vince, in general, have become more and more concerned with the launch of AEW since the TV deal was made official. Vince, however, has been much more focused on retaining past attitude era stars than current up and coming talent. Vince was not happy at all about Undertaker doing Starrcade before he was pulled. Additionally, when talk of Goldberg and Batista headed to AEW, Vince made sure under any and all circumstances that they would only be in the WWE family. Vince feels that one of the reasons WCW picked up steam back then with TV was acquiring the household name stars. In the past 3 months, Vince has fixed or mended fences with Undertaker, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, and Batista. All of these names carried much more weight to Vince. Vince also feels that talent who wants out and deals are not up for over 6 months out can be "negotiated and planned for at later date". WWE locked up AJ Styles to a new deal already this year and Rollins and Roman are locked up for some time so the cornerstones are there. The real question (that will play out soon) is did Vince value signing all those ahead of resigning Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley).

-Ambrose/Mox is currently filming a project for those asking.

-WWE is making an attempt even as early as this week to have some plans or a direction SummerSlam. WWE realizes this will be the last Big 4 PPV before the TV launch of AEW and would like to put on a very, very good and built show. John Cena's name has been mentioned for the show, however, with filming other projects it is to early to say if he will be doing the show. 

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