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Premium News: Loads of Backstage News From MITB, Vince "Back On" Top Superstar, Potential Plans for Brock Lesnar

Braun MITB

-The idea leading into Money In The Bank was to have Nakamura win the title from AJ Styles, early in the week Vince made the call that he wanted AJ to keep the title due to him being the cover star of the video game and thus AJ kept the title. The original plan was for these two to have another match at Extreme Rules, however, as of writing, those plans were scrapped.

-Sami Zayn was banged up at MITB, at this time It's nothing major but more nagging and was nursing some injuries after his match with Lashley at MITB.

-Vince has seen the merchandise numbers that Finn Balor is moving, and on top of that how good he is for the company in his public appearances. As results, Vince is ready to give him another more ligament push. However, the question reminds will Vince stick with it or get caught up on his size. When Finn came in Vince was high on him as he felt not only was the Demon gimmick very marketable, he felt Finn appealed to everyone, kids, women, men, and the hardcore fans. As soon as Vince felt he wasn't over he pulled the main event plug, but never the complete plug. Vince has changed his mind in the past on guys like AJ, Rollins, and Joe in a similar fashion.

-Speaking of Joe, Joe has the full support of everyone backstage on a big push. The only alternative finish to MITB that was even talked about backstage was Joe going over. Since Joe has become one of the top guys on the mic in WWE a lot of eyes and doors opened for him and he will get his chance.

-While many of you already know Ronda and Nia practiced their match for MITB all week, officials still feel Ronda was above and beyond expectations. They feel within the next 6 months Ronda will tie it all together and be even better than she is now. They exceptionally were happy with her facials and selling during the match. The out plan all along was to have Alexa come in so Ronda did not become champion to early and not to take a loss.

-WWE's plan with Braun and the briefcase tends to get more complicated, Brock has until the end of the week to get into the USDA testing pool if he was to fight in UFC, and even then it is a 6-month wait. Brock has 3 dates left on his WWE deal which they have to use by August. The original plan was to do Brock and Roman again at Summerslam, however, officials are souring on that idea. Many officials feel that Brock has not given the rub or help make anyone a bigger star his entire time in WWE. Most feel Brock should be doing the honors to Braun if he plans to leave now, while others feel Brock as an attraction is great, however as champion, it is no longer working. There has been no final call made even for Extreme Rules, let alone SummerSlam.

Thomas's Take: I feel towards the beginning of the run Brock brought the big fight feel and credibility to at the time a not so credible championship. Over time, however, with Brock appearing less and less the appeal went away. I'm a huge proponent as he does not need to be there every week, and keeping stars fresh and not there every week is fine. However, when fans do not see a title for months at a time in this day and age it becomes a problem. That said Brock putting someone over was the original plan years and years ago. As of today, Braun does not need the rub. Roman beating Brock does nothing for anyone. The only man that has the age factor going for them who WWE will push is Drew McIntyre, and I'm firmly behind Drew being the only to beat Brock and get the big rub. Everyone else is north of 35, and while that is not old or a bad thing; WWE sees it as too late in their career to beat Brock. If I'm WWE Drew is getting the monster push going over Brock. If Brock wants to resign he will be in special attraction feuds and matches, not heavyweight champion right now.

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