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Thomas Fenton Reports

Many officials in WWE (and other companies for that matter) looking to do something different and outside of the box due to not having an audience.

WWE will continue to look towards Money in the Bank with different creative ideas moving forward. The company has already discussed the June show, which originally was set to be Stomping Grounds, has potential to be changed to a new format. Extreme Rules, which is currently scheduled for July, is planned to have themed matches from various different locations. SummerSlam in August is currently planned to have a similar feel to the WCW Bash at the Beach PPV. The idea that shooting a show on the beach in August would likely be the best chance of having any kind of audience outside and gives the show a different feel. Based on COVID-19 and the ever changing fluency of the situation, it will determine if WWE will be allowed fans in attendance/find a way to distance fans outside even if it’s a few 100 people in attendance. This idea is simply as of now, an idea.

Over the last two weeks, WWE continues to give itself options on the changing climate. Most in WWE do not feel that they will have any form of normality or the new normality prior to the fall at the earliest. After speaking with two top officials in two other wrestling companies their idea is very similar to a time line in which they do not see doing live shows with or without fans anytime soon. One of the persons I spoke with said they are awaiting for layoffs/furlong to begin in their company. There is also concern that some television contracts may be at risk of reduction if viewership thresholds are not hit, however each company has their own situation when it comes to that.

The favorite to win Money in the Bank originally was Aleister Black, however, there has been an idea circulating over the last week that it may make more sense for a NXT talent to win the case and bring exposure to the NXT brand and wondering when that person cashes in. The biggest question in all of this is the changing of this one, obviously WWE had an idea originally and now is pivoting in another direction. WWE announced on the Bump that on there would be a "last chance gauntlet match" on RAW to determine the final participant in the match.

WWE taped 3 hours of NXT for tonight's show and next weeks show yesterday.

The Revolt could appear on AEW television as early as a taped promo tonight or appearance on next weeks live show.

If you could not tell already WWE is super high on Zelina Vega, and they feel she continues to get better each and every week and has turned into a strong personality on their show. The future for not only Zelina but her real life spouse Aleister Black is very bright.

Look for more names that were laid off or furlough by WWE to come out this week, WWE trimmed over 50 million in payroll annually this month and there are other names that will come out this week that have not already.

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