Backstage News On Why WWE Is Having Randy Orton & Edge On Monday Night Raw

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Thomas Fenton Reports

Vince McMahon and WWE officials are well aware of the viewership decline on their Raw and Smackdown programming. While they haven't fallen massively in their key demographics they are still under their comfort zone of 2 million viewers each week for both shows. 

To be clear WWE is not feeling any pressure from networks regarding the ratings as Fox has been adding more WWE content, due to how successful they are in this time being a non news program. Instead Vince is looking at this as a way he can make his shows feel even bigger for his fans and networks to try and help both shows. Knowing that the traditional way of running his show is out the window for the foreseeable future, Vince is going above and beyond out of good faith.

Expect big matches to continue with big stars rotating in and out while we work towards a new normal. It's clear that while networks are still happy with WWE viewership numbers that a continual trend downward is never a good thing.

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