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Premium News: Reason For Announcing Reigns v Goldberg On Smackdown, WWE News On Japan Expansion, The Revival, And WWE Adding More Talent?

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The WWE has decided to go ahead and make some announcements and make changes for upcoming events and promote certain matches ahead of schedule. Also we have an update on the Revival as well as, some new on WWE potentially bringing in new talents. 


Our own Thomas Fenton is reporting that WWE officials decided to go ahead and promote Roman Reigns vs. Goldberg last week on Smackdown as opposed to waiting until Elimination Chamber. WWE is attempting to put the card Vince feels is the strongest possible WrestleMania card together for their future OTT (Over The Top) PPPs and streaming services.

It is believed that a deal with an OTT is close to being signed, if it hasn't already been signed by the time this is published. One of the holdouts in any potential deal is the distribution in not only Canada but a few other markets in regards to not only PPV but the availability. The idea is to have quarterly PPVs on a different OTT service that would charge to view that content. 

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The OTT would pay WWE not only the content, but as well as a revenue split of total amount of PPV sales. WWE would keep the other shows on the network, as well as potentially adding another video library to the network. It would also come as no shock at this point if WWE added another wrestling promotion to the network to run events on months their quarterly shows are on the OTT product.

WWE continues to move forward in it's expansion into the global market and it's focus on Japan. WWE and All Japan are in talks, however details are very scarce when it comes to if this would be a potential full buy out or a working relationship. Obviously the last year or so WWE has made efforts in trying to buy into the Japanese market. NXT Japan will happen at some point it is simply a matter of when not if.


As of this writing the WWE has made their final contract offer to Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, who are both set to become free agents in the next 30 days. Since there has been no agreement to a new deal yet it the WWE has decided to keep The Revival off television for now. 

WWE wanted them in the Elimination Chamber Tag Team Championship Match, however did not want to showcase them in any capacity. If the Revival do become free agents they won't be for very long as once the deals come to an end. The Revival has already begun trademarking different names.

WWE Performance Center

WWE are already scouting new talents to be signed and these signings will likely happen just after WrestleMania. Many talents are being brought into different shows or being scouted without knowledge at events. WWE understands that they need to continually bring in fresh faces to NXT and that if anyone moves to RAW or Smackdown that those talents need to be replaced quickly.

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