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Premium News: Why ROH is Furious With WWE, Updates on Impact Wrestling

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ROH Wrestling

- While Impact Wrestling's money troubles continue, an edict has been issued at the top to find a way to generate more revenue from the actual TV tapings. The recent tapings in Canada drew sparse crowds and were big money losers.

Impact is looking to return to New York, which is more expensive to run, but has been one of the strongest markets for the company in terms of ticket sales.

Impact officials are in New York this week looking at potential venues to use for upcoming tapings and the plan is to tape two days in a row like they did recently in Ontario. One venue they're looking at is the building EVOLVE uses, but Impact is afraid it'll look too small on TV.

- ROH officials are furious that Madison Square Garden backed out of an agreement to host All In 2 after being pressured by WWE to cancel the date. While Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff initially wanted to sue WWE, Sinclair's lawyers believe the case is too difficult to prove because there was no signed contract and with WWE's long history of running the building, it'd be nearly impossible to prove tortious interference when from WWE's perspective, all they'd done is agreed to run more house shows at the building.

WWE's strategy for decades to keep other promotions out of the building was to run MSG just often enough so that the exclusivity window before and after their events would tie up the entire years. MSG has become so expensive to run that WWE prefers to run it as little as possible, but the scare of ROH getting into the building has pressured them into returning to their previous regular MSG schedule.

MSG officials have not been happy with how often WWE runs Barclays Center and allowing ROH to put a hold on a date resulting in WWE massaging the relationship is exactly what MSG was hoping for. ROH ends up caught with their pants down, but MSG was certain that if they allowed ROH to put a hold on a date, that WWE would do what it took to make sure they were the only wrestling company in MSG, just as it's been for a very long time.

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