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Premium News: Updates on IMPACT, and Update on Rey Mysterio

1) As Anthem Sports & Entertainment continues to re-evaluate IMPACT Wrestling from the ground up, a power struggle is brewing between Jeff Jarrett allies hoping to keep his seat warm in case he returns and those who prefer for Jarrett's return to never occur.

The main Jarrett allies are Sonjay Dutt, Dutch Mantel and Scott D'Amore while John Gaburick is on the other side of the fence. While Gaburick is outnumbered, he's already been able to even the odds a bit by largely icing Mantel's power. Mantel is often being left completely out of the loop by Anthem as Gaburick has convinced them that Mantel has been responsible for some of the recent leaks about the company's situation.

While Dutt is very loyal to Jarrett, some question whether D'Amore is willing to continue to fight for Jarrett's eventual return the way Dutt has. Sources within the Nashville office believe Gaburick is hoping to create a three way fight for power, which he believes he would emerge from with the most stroke, as opposed to a situation where Dutt and D'Amore continue to be firmly aligned in camp Jarrett.

2) Konnan, who manages the career of Rey Mysterio, attempted to make a power play that would have involved Rey Mysterio comign to IMPACT Wrestling and IMPACT working closer with The Crash promotion in Mexico to the detriment of their relationship with AAA. The plan ultimately backfired and Ed Nordholm pulled the plug on the Mysterio offer in favor of bringing back Alberto El Patron, who had been threatening to sue the company if his suspension was not lifted.

With Jeff Jarrett at least temporarily out of the picture, Konnan was hopeful that he could protect himself and maximize his leverage by bringing Rey Mysterio into the company. Mysterio had already been turned down by WWE because they didn't want to deal with Konnan. With IMPACT passing too, his options become very limited if Lucha Underground doesn't return for another season.

While IMPACT hasn't closed the door completely on Mysterio, with El Patron returning and his contract not coming off the books and with Anthem in cost cutting mode, chances are slim that Mysterio would be able to come in imminently on a lucrative contract like he was hoping.

3) As Anthem continues to search for ways to keep IMPACT afloat, the company is coming closer and closer to making the decision to move operations to Canada full time. Talks with Universal Studios in Orlando about extending their contract into 2018 have come to a halt and attempts to upgrade IMPACT's television presence in the United States in 2018 when the contract with POP expires have not gone well. POP is willing to continue to air IMPACT next year under the same barter arrangement, but Anthem is determined to secure a license fee for the program and if they can't find a network willing to make the commitment, the company is considering making IMPACT exclusive to their OTT service in the United States next year.

With Scott D'Amore's power in the company quickly growing, he is selling Anthem on the idea that the United States has always been a money loser for IMPACT and that the focus should be on Canada and Europe. Sources within POP TV don't believe Anthem would yank the program off the air rather than continue under the barter arrangement. POP feels it is simply Anthem trying to create leverage where they have none by threatening to move IMPACT to their over the top network

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