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Premium Notes From Go-Home Raw and Going Into WrestleMania

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-Sheamus took over a dozen stitches to close a nasty gash above his eye from the ladder shot.

-The decision to make the Raw Tag Team Championship match a ladder match was done last minute with the feel that a ladder match was needed. Usually the Intercontinental Championship is the ladder match, before that it was the Money in the Bank match. This year originally the Cruiserweight title was going to be a ladder match but that was scrapped in favor of Neville vs. Aries.

-Believe it or not Vince actually likes the build on the Aries/Neville match and enjoys Austin's work.

-For those wondering WrestleMania was timed out yesterday and format was written on Sunday. As of now the show will be going over the 11 PM EST slot which isn't surprising at all. There is a chance another match moves to the pre-show to keep the time in check. Brock vs. Goldberg is scheduled to only get 12 minutes, which is short considering it's still set to close the show. There are 5 New Day skits total and a big surprise in the works.

-For those that have not already seen the WrestleMania set being built, it is truly a monstrosity. The ramp travels from the ring up the stands and the set is actually in the concourse of the arena. Of course there is also a roller coaster that goes around most of the set.

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