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Premium Update about Future WrestleMania Host Cities

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WWE has internally selected the host city and location for WrestleMania 35. For whatever reason, this announcement has been kept more hush-hush than any WrestleMania announcement in recent history. WWE as of Thursday night has not even told the host city that they will be home to the event as they do not want the news leaked. If you remember Minnesota was the front-runner for WrestleMania 33 and was told they would likely " be chosen to receive the event and are the front-runner." However, people involved from the city jumped the gun and announced they were landing the event, and announced it mainstream not only without getting confirmation but without telling WWE they would do so. WWE ultimately choose Orlando for the event 2 days later. In WWE's defense, they never told Minnesota they were getting the event just they were the front-runner at the time.

So where has WWE selected? Well, again there is only about a dozen people that actually know. With that being said, below are the list of the locations WWE was discussing in their meeting. You will also see a trend of the midwest/east coast on here as WWE like to run a midwest/coast city every 3-5 years. Before we get into the final few cites and the news behind them, let's get into the cites that were told not this year that were on WWE's radar.

Atlanta Georgia, The Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The recently built state of the art retractable roof stadium claims it could fit near 84,000 for WrestleMania. Atlanta home of WrestleMania 27 fits all the criteria for WWE, however, it was said that they not only did not want 3 WrestleMania's all down south but that they wanted the stadium to mature a little first and it's surrounding areas outside the stadium to be completely finished. While not WrestleMania 34, you can count on this being a home of a future WrestleMania in the not so distant future.

Hard Rock Stadium is a multipurpose football stadium located in Miami Florida

The recently renovated home of Super Bowl 54 in 2020 has had serious interest in hosting another WrestleMania. The stadium prior to renovation hosted WrestleMania 28. The newly renovated venue feels it could seat near 74,000 however due to renovation lost a lot of its previous seating capacity. This stadium was a simple logistics out for WWE as Orlando hosted last years WrestleMania 33 and would like to wait a few years before returning to any city in Florida.

So where do we stand now who are the front-runners to land the biggest show of the year? Before we get into these final city selections lets take note of these cities that without questions will host a WrestleMania in the next 5 years. Las Vegas and Inglewood California, are without question going to land a WrestleMania. Both have brand new amazing state of the art stadiums under current construction and are huge areas that fit every criteria and more for a WrestleMania.

On to the final selections

I'm being told while not limited to this list yet the serious finalists are as follows. Let's also remember the Mid West/ East Coast trend we discussed prior.

For those that are new to WNW, welcome! For those that are not, you have heard this in different details over the last 3 years.

Detroit Michigan

WWE originally was in deep discussions back in 2013 to host WrestleMania at the Big House in Ann Arbor Michigan. At the time WWE was going to play off the successful Winter Classic NHL event held there which drew 105,491 fans. WWE's play at the time was to run WrestleMania 33 there and sell it as the 30th anniversary of Hogan Andre WrestleMania 3 which was held at the now vacant lot at which held the Pontiac Silver Dome only 50 miles away. This deal completely fell through when negotiations on renting of the venue and concessions could not come to fruition. WWE wanted the same deal the NHL got and the city and university were trying to capitalize monetarily on more. Bringing up to speed just a few years later WWE has been looking to return to the newly renovated Ford Field in Downtown Detroit. Ford Field has also renovated this past year and has had a large amount technological upgrades throughout the arena. One of the big draws to WWE is how well internationally the event drew. With an international border less than 5 miles away WrestleMania 23 drew many fans traveling from not only all around the world but the commuted in cars from Canada. In addition to the event was a huge success and was only at the beginning of the renaissance of a city. WWE looks at Detroit not only as a city that has come back from the dead but also features a brand new Little Caesars arena to host NXT, Raw, and Smackdown. WWE has run one PPV which was Hell In The Cell and officials and Vince loves the new arena. Some within Detroit city sports claim that the city did not place a bid on the event, yet they did bid on WrestleMania 34 and has a standing offer. In addition to if WWE wants that city, an initial bid is not necessarily a must.

The drawbacks

Little Caesars Arena carries and outdoor inclosed districts with it called District Detroit which while the arena opened this summer the entire outdoor area has not been completed as of yet and no word if it will be 100% come this time next year, which is something the NHL and NFL are waiting on to host big events in the city.

MetLife Stadium is an American sports stadium located in East Rutherford, New Jersey

WWE held WrestleMania 29 at MetLife stadium and was an overwhelmingly positive experience. Met Life like Ford Field recently upgraded and went through renovations to make it more state of the art. The biggest draw here is the NJ/NY traffic of people and fans. Vince has always been in love with the big city feels and it gets no bigger than this. One of the biggest drawbacks here is weather, which no-one can control. WWE was extremely fortunate to get good weather during their first go at this stadium, yet are they really ready to double down on mother nature the first week of April?

The biggest drawback here is the aforementioned weather elements.

Lincoln Financial Field Philadelphia PA,

Lincoln Financial Field home to the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles much like the previous 2 venues underwent their own renovations. Philly the home of this year's Rumble and a hotbed for pro wrestling had a loyal and large fan base. Philly hits every one of the criteria of a WrestleMania the WWE looks for. Recent reports from the city claim the WWE officials have visited the city and the venue. (They have done this in Detroit twice in the last 6 months). The last time Philly hosted a WrestleMania was WrestleMania 15, and the current venue is definitely a WrestleMania type. It's estimated the LFF could fit 80,000 fans for WWE yet I'm thinking the number may be closer to 76,000. The biggest concerns like Metlife stadium is the weather. Even with the canopies, WWE has been using for its outdoor venues the bigger concern than rain in a southern state is what happens if there is a late snowfall which is more common than some may think. Can the canopy hold? Will people sit outside in the snow? Will workers risk greater injury in the cold and cramping? These are all huge issues when WWE considers a risk-reward factor in the venue.

Drawback again Mother Nature

While not completely eliminated you can not count out Minnesota home of this years Superbowl, will Vince loves running cites that are hosting, close to hosting, or just hosted the Superbowl, there is not the best relationship between the two sides as stated from the beginning of the article. While not as favored as the other three I would not count it out...yet.

Tom's Take: To me, this is not an easy decision and if WWE is truly focussed on these Mid West/ East coast cites getting WrestleMania 34, there is a lot to consider. Detroit has bids open to host future All-Star games of the NBA, NHL, and NFL along with future Superbowl bids, final fours in college and much more. Could one more year be a better fit for the city is the real question?

NJ/NY is always a slam dunk from a media attention standpoint, as well as the "big city feel." While WWE was lucky with the weather the first time, do you really chance and double down on the same venue and weather again.

Philly intrigues me, as it is very typical for WWE in the past to run a huge event, in this case, Royal Rumble in the city in which they announce next years WrestleMania. It would not come as a shock to me if over the Rumble weekend while in Philly the publicly announce their WrestleMania plans there.

Final thoughts:

I think Detroit is the safest bet for the format they want to go with, in addition to the drawing power from their Canadian friends up north, WWE has had tremendous success with ticket sales in the market. I, however, feel if the stars aligned that a 2019 Wrestlemania 36 may be a better play. However, that being said it is very unlikely WWE will go back to back Mid West/East coast cities.

Philly and NJ/NY have so many similarities that they may, in the end, cancel each other out. The weather is the biggest factor we discussed, and additionally, if it came down to a vote I feel the votes would cancel each other out.

I feel WWE is going to play their hand and double down and a Philly WrestleMania announcement may be had over Rumble weekend as it makes to much sense. I also feel the Met Life NY/NJ drops to third with Detroit being their second choice next year. For either of the cities that do not land WrestleMania 34 I do not feel they will be close for WrestleMania 35 and then with Wrestlemania 36-39 one of each of those will be held in Vegas and Englewood. So for the city that is not chosen, I would not expect a WrestleMania until at least WrestleMania 36 or 37 at the earliest.

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