Programming Initially Scheduled For The WWE Network On Its Way To Saturday Mornings On The CW Network?; Major Changes That Could Possibly Be Overhauling "Saturday Morning Slam," Current WWE Midcarder Possibly In Line For Major Push, The Return Of A Former

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There are tentative plans to expand WWE Saturday Morning Slam on the CW Network if it continues to do well. While WWE has considered doing a "cruiserweight show" for the WWE Network, I'm told the concept could be used for the kid-friendly Saturday morning series if they are given an hour timeslot instead of the current 30-minute slot.

Current plans would call for Sin Cara to be the "main star of the show" with the likely possibility of the cruiserweight tile being brought back. I'm cautioned that some of this is wishful thinking on Vince McMahon's part as he loves the idea of an hour filled with colorful guys and masked guys with great merchandising potential being marketed directly to young children on Saturday mornings.

The WWE Network would not have anywhere near the penetration of the CW so Vince is hopeful the CW show does well enough to expand to an hour and perhaps become the outlet for the proposed cruiserweight program.

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