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Proof That Randy Orton's Stock Has Plummeted Within WWE Regardless Of Future Creative Plans & What Vince McMahon Did On Last Week's Raw Supershow To Send Him A Message

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There was some surprise in WWE about the company bringing back Diamond Dallas Page for a segment on last week's Raw Supershow. I'm told there have been several ideas pitched for him over the last few years but they had always been shot down.

Vince McMahon headed up opposition for using DDP on television because he felt there was no need to remind the audience about him and more specifically the Diamond Cutter. The thinking was why promote the guy that uses the same finisher as of one of the most-protected top guys in the company in Randy Orton.

With Orton still in the company doghouse because of his second official Wellness violation, he's no longer considered the priority he once was. My source tells me not only does Vince not care as much about protecting Orton, he insisted that Page use the Diamond Cutter to show Orton he's not bigger than the company.

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