Major Post-Draft Disappointment, Lesnar Out Of Shape?, Heat On WWE Star, Boredom At Raw

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Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar

- There was some concern with some of the crowd shots at last night’s WWE Raw in Buffalo, NY. More than one person felt some of the shots portrayed the crowd as bored and apathetic.

- Brian Kendrick vs. Sin Cara was put in a bad spot on Raw and Vince McMahon didn’t like how it came across. The blame is flying backstage, as I heard a main criticism was the lack of introduction to the characters and the inability to develop them. It doesn’t help the matches have been toned down and overproduced. It will be interesting to see what changes loom as the entire cruiserweight division has been a big disappointment.

- Some felt that Brock Lesnar looked out of shape on Raw but no one approached him about it. We heard that Bill Goldberg was simply put over for how good he looked and it was suggested to Brock that he needed to come into Sunday looking jacked. Brock is someone they have to handle very carefully but they want him hyped up for Survivor Series, considering they’re selling the entire pay-per-view on the dream match.

- There are plans to bring Braun Strowman’s feud with Big Show from the live events, where they’ve been doing Body Slam Challenges, to television.

- Sin Cara worked last week’s Raw and was then pulled from the overseas tour. He was pretty close to getting outright released for his incident on the tour with Chris Jericho and is essentially one more incident away from that happening.

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