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Real Life WWE Love Triangle To Revive On-Air Feud?

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Paige & Alberto Del Rio

There was some hoopla over the weekend about Alberto Del Rio and Paige dating. While most relationships within WWE don’t go as public, there were even mainstream publications treating it like huge news.

Anyways, there is a chance this could tie into an upcoming program. There is talk of having Charlotte do another program with Paige after she’s done with Natalya.

Vince McMahon always gets a kick out of programming people he knows really have tension with each other and things are very awkward with Paige and Charlotte right now because Charlotte had a fling with Del Rio right before he got with Paige (which was months ago).

Vince paid particular attention to the match from Raw last week to see if both would remain professional (we saw nothing that would indicate anybody taking liberties). He's told the writers to come up with some ideas in case he ultimately decides to go back in that direction for another program.

With all of the outrage last year about the Reid line, Charlotte and Paige's program ended up going shorter than originally planned.

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