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Why It Was Reported TNA Made A Play At CM Punk

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On Thursday, I spent a considerable amount of time dispelling a report that TNA Wrestling had made a play at CM Punk. I explained how unless it came from Punk directly, it was just too far-fetched to believe given TNA's current situation.

I'm told TNA wanted it online that they had made a play for CM Punk. Whether or not an actual offer made it to CM Punk is unknown but not likely. However, one source explained the company as "desperate and paranoid."

They're trying to close a deal with WGN America and needed something to counteract stories they are out of money and can't sign anyone. We're told if by some miracle that TNA was able to get CM Punk to commit, they would have used it as a way to approach Spike TV and see if it would be enough to keep them on the network and get them to kick in money to cover an exorbitant contract. Basically a hail marry to try and keep Spike TV, although Spike has made it clear they are moving on with their focus on Bellator MMA (a company they own).

CM Punk has no interest in wrestling, be it in WWE or anywhere else. According to people close to Punk, he has less than zero interest in returning to WWE, much less working for a company he views as incompetent in TNA.

In conclusion, it's likely a credible source told Dave Meltzer that TNA had reached out to CM Punk, however, it was a story TNA wanted online. Again, I wouldn't have ran it unless it came from Punk himself but that's the story behind the story.

Richard Reacts: Sometimes all we can say is, "only in pro wrestling." I brought this up in the comments on Thursday but it stands to be repeated. Remember the situation we had with Bob Ryder over the summer? A top TNA executive who books hotels for talent/employees when they travel Tweeted to tens of the thousand of people that not only did Nigel Sherrod not work for TNA (who I had reported days earlier was working the company's live events department/which I don't think he does anymore because TNA isn't running live events), he's never even heard of him. A blatant false statement with the sole purpose of burying my accurate report that has never been corrected and remains online. TNA plays the Internet whether they want to admit it or not. The hype going into the weekend should be focused on Bound for Glory but it's an inter-promotional PPV with limited storyline tie-in with talent their fan base is unfamiliar with. Oh and by the way, it'll air from tape.

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