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Richard's Notes From Impact Wrestling - A Detailed Look At This Week's Show, Spoilers & More

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The main objective of this week's Impact Wrestling is to showcase the signing of MVP. It's a new day in TNA and a big part of that new direction is MVP. Dave Lagana, who works as a creative writer in the company, pushed to sign MVP because he felt he was someone they could push immediately and help fill the void left by some of the recent departures. TNA wants to show their fans they are committed to signing new names but are looking to do so in a way that is cost effective with workers that do not need a lot of seasoning. Ethan Carter III is part of this initiative but so are The Wolves and of course the aforementioned MVP.

This week's show was taped last week in front of a large crowd in Glasgow, Scotland. Below are my notes:

* TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries opened the show with a promo. DJ Zema Ion came out and announced he was cashing in his X Division title shot briefcase. Aries went over to retain his title.

* Curry Man returned in a segment where he was confronted by Bully Ray. Ray came out pushing a coffin and informed Curry Man he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bully Ray piledrove Curry Man as he screamed Mr. Anderson's name and put him in the coffin and left.

* Abyss beat Eric Young in a Monster's Ball match. When Abyss was rearing back for a shot with Janice to Young's face, Young pulled up Abyss' mask to reveal Joseph Park. Park, who was bloodied from the bout, hit a Black Hole Slam on Young to get the win.

* MVP came out. He said he loves wrestling but can’t stand to watch it be ran down by egotistical owners. He’s invested money to make a change in TNA and continued to rip on management. Rockstar Spud comes out and encourages MVP to meet Dixie Carter backstage so he can get on board. MVP lets Spud know he hasn't forgotten how to use his fists and announces Kurt Angle vs. TNA Champion Magnus in a non-title match.

* Kurt Angle beat TNA Champion Magnus via disqualification. Ethan Carter III caused the match to be thrown out when he attacked Angle with a chair. They did a stretcher job for Angle after the referee gave the "X" signal.

* There will be something taped that challenges Samoa Joe's number one contender's status as he faced Bobby Roode in a match for it. Joe made Roode tap out clean.

* Dixie Carter came out with Rockstar Spud. She said tonight wasn't about her but about a very special person. She introduced MVP and Spud even helped him in the ring. Dixie welcomes him to TNA and lets him know she's dealt with good investors and bad investors. The conversation shifts to TNA Champion Magnus, who she heavily put over to heat from the live crowd. MVP wants to talk about change. He's here to be a hands on investor and the party is over. A staredown between MVP and Dixie Carter took place before he laid out Rockstar Spud.

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