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Backstage Update on Roman Reigns, Plans For Survivor Series, Jericho's Shocking Match

Roman Reigns

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Roman was not cleared over the weekend and would still need time to train for his return. WWE has made some changes to the upcoming Survivor Series card in the event Roman is not ready. Roman was replaced by Jason Jordan on the Raw team due to him not being ready yet.

So here are the bigger changes:

Shield dropped the belts to Sheamus and Cesaro for the following reasons: it gives WWE up to another week to figure out if Roman can work Survivor Series at all. If he can not then it is unlikely they will change the Usos vs. Rollins & Ambrose match. If Roman can be ready then WWE will announce New Day vs. The Shield. If Roman isn't ready there is a chance they'll take the titles off The Usos and continue with Shield vs. Usos without the titles. It's looking more likely WWE wants to set up New Day vs. The Shield in a 3 vs 3 match.

Asuka ,who was originally not planned to be on the RAW women's team, was added to the team. This was surprising, not just because she was added but because it was thought out earlier that they did not want her pinned so they kept her off the team. It will be interesting what outcome will be if she is not on the winning team. If she is eliminated look for it to be due to DQ possibly for being "too brutal" in her match and not adhering to the ref's warnings.

One of the biggest pops on Raw was for Pete Dunne. Even though a hype video for him played earlier in the night, he was super over with the home crowd and also because it was the first time RAW has seen the UK champion on their show.

I'm told less than a dozen people knew about the Chris Jericho video that was aired at NJPW Power Struggle. In addition, while WWE did not directly know about it, they still thought it was a strong possibility that Chris may be working for either ROH or NJPW after the boat cruise agreements.

Some officials have told Vince McMahon that if he wants to shock the world then he should do a rematch with Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega at Wrestlemania. While this is a pipe dream for most, I think the idea was due to neither having contracts after Jan 5th to NJPW.

Thomas reacts: I do not see this happening at all. Vince has too big of an ego to sign Omega to a 1-match deal and would not want to promote him and then send him on his way. I do feel it is very outside-the-box thinking however it was likely just from a writer trying to toss something at the wall at this point.

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