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Roman's Up Coming Feud, Has Vince Soured on Roman After Walkouts?, Andrade's First Feud, Rusev over Bryan Clean

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Vince Kicking Roman

For those wondering, the idea behind Roman Reigns and Jinder Mahal feuding is that Roman would get cheered as the American wrestler. Yes, their theory is people dislike Jinder so much that fans will have to cheer for Roman.

Thomas's Take: No this will not work. Yes, it will backfire. Yes, Jinder will get cheered.

While on the subject of playing with fans' emotions, since WWE was keeping Bryan out of the ladder match the call was made to have Rusev go over and play into the slow burn of Rusev dropping Aiden English and going with Lana.

WWE is going back and forth on the idea of Andrade Almas' first program to be with Randy Orton, WWE wants Almas to have a hot start and the direction makes the most sense.

Obviously, there was a lot of a lot of negativity surrounding the fan walkouts of the Roman Reigns/Samoa Joe main event at Backlash. We've seen a lot of other sites reporting that this caused Vince to "see the light on Roman" and debate flipping him heel or into the midcard. This is simply not true. The rivalry with Mahal, as mentioned above, is just another attempt to get Roman over with the fans. It's not a demotion. Joe also didn't get any blowback from the walkouts. It was pretty much played off as "just a bad crowd" and WWE knows they split their focus between The Greatest Royal Rumble and Backlash and that Backlash would suffer because of how quickly it followed GRR.

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