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Ryback Still Labeled Unsafe?, Why Antonio Cesaro Faced The Great Khali On This Week's WWE Raw, Identities Of Three More Top ROH Names WWE Is Targeting

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- There was some chatter after the TLC match on WWE Raw that Ryback set CM Punk up for some risky bumps. One spot mentioned to me was the spot where he tossed Punk onto the side of the ladder arm-first. Another of course the over-the-top table bump. My source noted the feeling was Ryback wasn't careful executing moves and didn't leave enough room for Punk to bump correctly on some occasions. Nothing was said to Ryback at Raw about the spots, probably because he was in pain (as noted Tuesday).

- One of the reasons WWE did Antonio Cesaro vs. The Great Khali again on this week's Raw is that Vince McMahon loved the way Cesaro got over in their first match on last week's WWE Main Event. We're told Vince was so high up on Cesaro's work against Khali in their first match he wanted to make sure it was shown to a larger audience on Raw.

- WWE continues to pursue top independent talent. We are able to confirm that feelers have been sent out to Truth Martini, Kevin Steen and Mike Bennett. Some Ring of Honor names feel that "dark days" may be ahead for the promotion and are considering WWE developmental contracts. One observer credits the success of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in creating opportunities that didn't used to be there.

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