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Ryback Finished?, Concern Over Gallows & Anderson, McMahon’s "Flavor Of The Month," Emma’s Stock Rising

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- There isn’t much to rehash regarding the situation with Ryback. He wants more money than WWE is offering and a resolution doesn’t appear anywhere in site. Ryback took the issue public, a traditional “no-no” for talent under a Performer’s Contract. We’re assuming that Cameron will have heat for her “Amen Brother” tweet to him about it.

- A lot of people have been vocal with how Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson have been booked since they’ve been in WWE. In fact, it’s the most vocal one of our sources can remember since Brock Lesnar went under to John Cena when he first returned a few years ago. The gist of the discussion is they simply haven’t been booked strong enough and that was supposed to be a huge angle. However, Anderson has already been pinned and they’re part of the 50/50 club. If the eventual plan is to feud them with The Shield, then both Gallows and Anderson should be going over every chance possible and not even booked against The Usos. As one person put it, it makes no sense for Roman Reigns to need Dean Ambrose and later Seth Rollins if The Usos are holding their own with them. One WWE official is trying to get in Shane McMahon’s ear about it in hopes he’ll say something or do something with the booking as it could end up being another invasion angle (a complete flop) if not saved quickly.

- Big Cass is considered Vince McMahon’s flavor of the month. We’ve wrote about this before; Vince loves him but we’re hearing it from even more people. They’re still going back and forth on his name because they do not want Big Cass and Big E and this is why one week Colin Cassady is OK and the next Vince hates the name. He could end up as Colin Cass.

- Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe in a steel cage match is currently planned for the next WWE NXT: TakeOver.

- We’re told WWE officials are very proud of the work Emma has put in by transforming her entire character. Remember, Emma was once a beloved prospect but nearly lost her job after a shoplifting incident at Walmart. After the incident, WWE announced they had released her only to change their position shortly after change their position shortly after.

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