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How Scott Steiner Is Trying To Take Down TNA Wrestling With Latest Legal Maneuvers; Details On Questionable Business Practices Being Brought To The Forefront & Why Some Are Worried About The Future Of The Company

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A lot of people have been either laughing or crying about Scott Steiner's latest legal maneuver against TNA Wrestling. For those that missed it, Steiner has filed a second lawsuit against the company, claiming he was injured by Jeff Hardy while he was supposedly under the influence of alcohol and possibly drugs. The suit alleges TNA allowed Hardy to compete when they knew he was in this condition.

I'm told back during the days of the Main Event Mafia, it was very common for guys like Steiner, Booker T and Kevin Nash to joke about legal routes they would pursue if they ever ended up at odds with TNA. Two of the main things that would always come up is the farcical nature of royalty accounting and the liability of them building the company around a guy like Jeff Hardy who they would often send to the ring even though they knew he was "completely high" and out of his mind.

Sure enough, when Steiner found himself at odds with TNA when they sued him for disparaging Twitter remarks, he fired back with a lawsuit over royalties and the aforementioned suit centered around the working condition of Hardy.

I'm told guys that have been in TNA for a long time and are unhappy got a chuckle out of Steiner's latest legal strategy. Others in the office are sweating because this could become a nightmare. MOre than a few people are wondering what the point was in suing Steiner for his Twitter rants when many of them knew this is exactly how Steiner would react. One observer believes if Hogan and Bischoff had thicker skin, TNA wouldn't be in this mess.

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