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Seth Rollins Current Medical Status, What To Expect For Raw, NXT Call up, Who Will Be At Raw Tonight

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Seth Rollins

-Something interesting to note with Zach Sabre winning the EVOLVE title over the weekend. He set to work with NJPW and the WWE has influences in EVOLVE. It is something that seems like it could be a strategic move by WWE to get him not to be swayed not to sign NJPW contract.

-We previously reported Finn Balor replacing Seth Rollins if he can't get medically cleared to wrestle at Wrestlemania, however there is zero update from the doctors as of today. The belief is still he will me working Wrestlemania. Seth will meet with the doctor again midweek to check his progress.

-For those wondering yes the plan in ROH/NJPW is for Kenny Omega to beat Adam Cole out of the Bullet Club preparing for his inevitable departure.

-WWE did a tour of Germany this weekend as many know, however many flights returned late this morning. This will make for a lot of workers working with jet lag for Raw. It wouldn't surprise me to see a lot of tag matches, possibly even an 8 or 10 man tag match, and long promos to give the workers a chance to recover.

-Goldberg and Brock are both scheduled to work Raw tonight. Finn is also being flown in, but as of this writing we can't confirm if this is just for a meeting or if they plan to do an on air return during Raw.

-Asuka is taking the spot of the injured Naomi on the March 12th MSG show. She will be teaming with Becky, Tamina, and Nikki Bella to work Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, Carmella, and Natty. It's interesting with Asuka being the top heel in NXT yet will be working on the face team during this show.

-There is some rumbling in regards to the Shaq and Big Show match. It is worth noting that there is talk of the match not going on as planned and the Shaq camp not taking the gig seriously. We'll have more information moving forward.

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